Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Queen Drinks a Cup of Tea.

Once upon a time I said I'd get back on track and it completely did not happen. But you'll forgive me when you find out why.

Today I essentially got paid to read children's books (ok, and write lesson plans) for 2 hours. And drink a giant cup of tea while doing it. I should probably tell you how it started.

Good work, Madame Tea Bag.
On Friday, after the most incredibly fantastic 2-hour meeting ever, I found out that I'm getting a raise. It felt like a random raise, but was actually a "you're doing a good job!" raise which is actually something I've never experienced before. Honestly, I've just been "myself" at work, doing things I love and expressing how I'm passionate about things. Just sort of jumping on bandwagons that look like they might be a fun ride. And you would think it's because I'm having such success tutoring college students or raising the GPA of all students in English courses, however, the truth is... I have the privilege of being the Storytime Queen. I've explained this in brief before, whilst being thankful for my job, but we're fully in the planning stages now. I wrote two awesome lesson plans tonight and worked on some fliers. (I don't want to go into too much detail because A. I'm tired and B. It will be more wonderful to talk about once it actually starts.)

I also now have the privilege of teaching kindergartners in the near future, which includes a session on colors/art/music. It's unbelievable! I can't explain to you how excited I am except to say that I am thankful AGAIN for my job.

So, that can be Saturday's post. Thankful for my job. Again. Thankful for the creativity I am allowed and the thrill I experience when thinking about all the wonderful books I'll get to read.

For today... I am just thankful for this big whopping mug (20 ounces, baby) of tea that kept me going tonight, and for the stack of post-it notes I left unwrapped for over a year but finally got to whip out. Like a champion.

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