About The Other Sock

I first started this blog as a journal in high school. (Literally it was just a notebook, which I called The Other Sock.) I wanted to write about loss--small, insignificant losses, along with the big ones. I wrote in tiny little snippets, using personal memories sometimes, but also writing about things that could potentially be lost. I titled the journal "The Other Sock" because, we've all been there, losing socks. You do the laundry, or maybe your mom does it for you, and when you get all the clothes back a sock is missing. You look inside the washer and behind the dryer and all over the house but the sock is just gone, for absolutely no reason.

That's what loss feels like. You don't always know why it happened, but now you have to deal with it.

The actual blog began in 2009, during my sophomore year of college. I couldn't tell you what suddenly motivated to make it public (not that anyone read it.) I think I just wanted something to challenge myself. The blog has gone through long phases of inactivity, because, well, life happens. But during 2013 I did a challenge for April, National Poetry Month, and wrote at least one poem every single day. It was thrilling to push myself to write so many new poems and share them with the world--or, whoever happened to stumble onto my blog that day.

Ultimately, this is about accepting losses gracefully, and sharing discoveries exuberantly.

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