Saturday, November 30, 2013


You read that right--I meant to spell leaning, not learning. It is appropriate for several reasons, the first being that we are leaning into the Christmas season. (Some people rush. I sort of lean.) It's also appropriate so I can talk about the things I'm thankful for for today (and the previous 3 days.)

1. Leaning on friends. On the night before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve, perhaps?) Joey and I suddenly had plans for dinner the next day. And I needed to make a pie. Well, I didn't need to, but they said I could bring a dessert and apple pie is my go-to dessert during the holidays. So I called up a friend who not only took me to the store to buy apples but also stuck around for a few hours to play Scrabble. (This is the same friend who will be watching my dear dog while we're home for Christmas. His name is Chad, and he's awesome.)


2. Leaning on strangers. So we spent Thanksgiving afternoon/evening with the family of our friend Livi. This was our original option, the option which made me hesitate because there would be SO many people. But it was actually quite lovely! (The house was big enough I didn't feel anxious about all the people.) We played hand bells and a few dozen rounds of Dutch Blitz and everybody loved my pie. Joey and I ate its leftovers for breakfast today.

3. My leaning tree. We bought a Christmas tree yesterday, put it up today, and I decorated it earlier this afternoon. It is currently leaning toward me from its corner, a motion which only began maybe a few hours ago, and I'm not sure what to do. Putting the tree up in the first place is a two-person job so there's no way I can fix it myself. Nevertheless, I am thankful for it. As I carefully hung ornaments earlier today, I cried a few tears of happiness. This is the third Christmas I have decorated the tree alone, but in prior years I have cried tears of frustration and anger and absolute sorrow because I was alone, and wouldn't be going home to see my family. Today I cried because I am going home. I'm going home. My sad and pretty tree might be leaning but I'm going home.
It was pre-decorated with authentic pinecones! ;)
It came pre-decorated with authentic pinecones! ;)

4. Leaning on God. I don't use this blog to talk a lot about my faith, but every once in a while I find I can speak freely. (It's not that I don't want to talk about it, mind you, this is just not the venue I've elected for such conversations.) Anyways. In the last 4 weeks since my "prayer retreat" God has allowed me some healing, and some truth. There are a few difficult circumstances I come up against almost daily, and rather than fall into despair I have leaned into God and allowed him to show me truth through the sadness and anger. Nobody can tell you the right way to hear from God, because he speaks to us all in different ways. I am thankful for this.

So, now that it's the end of November, I might will be blogging a lot less. It'll be nice to have the pressure off, to not feel like I need to blog every day. I know, I wasn't quite on the ball with that, but I did try. December will be relaxing and I will probably blog about my trip home sooner or later.

End Day 30 (and 29, 28, & 27.) And End November. :)

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