Thursday, April 19, 2018

NPM 2018: Very Busy (Day 19)

Very Busy
April 19, 2018

The world wrote a note and
left it on your front porch,
to tell you good morning
and remind you
it was very busy.
You went out
to fetch the newspaper
and check your mail
and almost missed
the note.
You were watching
bumblebees dance
from clover to clover
as purple blossoms
reached up from the soil,
the intricacies of such things
pulling your attention
from the overgrown lawn
and a house layered in dust.
You were listening
to a robin chirp above
and rustling leaves below,
sounds esteemed beyond
the rush of passing cars
and the swift tearing
of letters being opened.
You were feeling
the wind pass over you
and through your open hand,
as you held it out
to test the morning rain
which dampened your hair
and blurred your eyes,
but you didn’t notice.
When you turned back
and faced your front door
you almost missed the daisy
pushing up through the porch.

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