Sunday, April 9, 2017

NPM Day 9 {Suki (On Being Both)}

I channeled my nerdy side for this one. Only a few dear friends will get the reference (hopefully) but as hard as I tried to deflect these nerdy words toward some other topic... it just couldn't be helped.

I am what I am, I suppose.

Suki (On Being Both)
February 21, 2017

These are solid reflections
on being both
one thing and another but
they are facets,
not opposing forces.
I am one thing, but
also another.
I have always been a fighter,
sometimes only fighting
to belong in the fight.
You think I am not able
to have courage and comfort
in the same breath,
but you can touch me,
you can feel my heartbeat,
and you must know
that I am a rhythm filled
with both passion and aggression,
love and rage, all withheld
until I am certain of my mark.
I am both nurturing
and combative,
a mother and a murderer,
and in the same daylight
can thirst for revenge
or find myself tender
in the wake of another’s darkness.
I am a warrior, but
I am a woman too.
And this body longs
for blood or retribution,
for a caress or a companion,
and what relief it would be
to be understood in my ability
to hold a sword or a hand
and still be known.

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