Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NPM Day 18 {Landlocked}

November 17, 2016

Each night, unsleeping eyes
see her face and dream of
on a distant shore.
The waves pull me
into nightmares
where she is sorry
and she explains
although I never hear the words.
In slumber my sobs
are so frightfully real
unlike her anger
which was always
and is still, all these years,
so silent.
And medicated
I see her more clearly,
free of the anxiety
yet still anxiously seeking her out.
I wonder if there is a reason
for her midnight eyes
behind my blue,
for her mischief
inside my somnolent visions.
Crashing against the rocks
of consciousness
I am only reminded
our reunion is not real,
she has left me for good,
and there is no ocean

to bring us together.

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