Monday, January 6, 2014


That's the name they've given the winter storm I'm currently experiencing. I don't know, when I think of Hercules, I immediately get visions of the golden character from the Disney version, his skin so orange it blends in with his bronzed armor. A winter storm like this... they should call it Skadi, which is the name of the Norse goddess of winter, and the hunt. This name is appropriate because it doesn't make me think of golden cartoons AND I had bacon for breakfast today. (And if you're wondering if we hunted that bacon.. absolutely! We hunted it at Aldi.) Anyways. Right now it's -14°F, but "feels like" -33°F. But let me tell you a secret: those two temperatures feel the same. So Storm Skadi (see, it even sounds better than Storm Hercules) should just take a chill pill. (haha...) It doesn't matter what it feels like anyhow, because I am not going outside.

In other news, I haven't blogged since last year. You don't have to laugh at that, it's not that funny.

And I intended to do it sooner, but I've been sick. (Blizzards will do that to you.) So sick, I couldn't even sleep. And I love sleep. I was also incredibly delirious the night before last, and every time I closed my eyes I saw myself as a secret spy, thwarting danger and shooting bad guys and impressing my other spy friends with my super cool ninja moves. To be honest, it was pretty terrifying, and made me even more frustrated with the whole lack of sleep thing. I even punched a wall, whilst half-asleep and half-dreaming about my other life as a spy.


I went home for Christmas. It was as lovely and as horrible as I expected. Yes, I expected horrible--that's what happens when families get together. But it was also wonderful and leaving was so bittersweet. On another day I will highlight everything about the trip worth mentioning--not that it really matters, because my mother will read this blog, and she already knows about the whole trip. Love you, mom. For now, I just have one thing I want to share.

I wanted to share it on Saturday, but, again, I was sick.

Four years (and 2 days) ago, Joey stood at this exact spot and asked me to marry him. I said yes. Obviously. Actually, I said, "Yeeeah." I'm pretty happy we got to visit that spot again while we were home. I'm also pretty happy that it wasn't raining this time. It has been a crazy four years, 2.5 of them being married. Makes me feel all mushy and nostalgic. Just wait until June... then it will have been 5 years since we met! That's just insane. Seriously insane.

So I will sit here in the apartment, alone and feeling mushy, and hope that Joey makes it home safe through Storm Hercules. Or Storm Hades. Or Skadi. Or Storm Freeze-Your-Face-Off or whatever.

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