Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's that time again. Sorry about that.

I will start this new blog by talking about old things, because I've been out among the non-bloggers for quite some time now. I've got my trusty private Xanga still, going on 6 years now, but only my brother reads it. (and I'm fine with that.) I've decided it's time for something a bit more public and possibly contagious. (because who doesn't want to talk about things they've lost, or stuff they've found?)

So I've been out. In fact I've been out since senior year. I graduated with a decent GPA and then went on to... nothing. I went on a mission trip that was "less than ideal" in comparison to the others, which brought a few catalysts to my summer, and consequently went on to have a job. I worked at this "job" for 9 months, and during that 9 months the desire to leave Washington was slowly growing and growing. When that desire finally gave birth, I went on my fourth and final mission trip, and shortly after flew to Illinois to go to school.

Talk about a really big baby. I mean... HUGE.

And that has been my life as of August 2008. Trinity International University is my home away from home. I go to class (most of the time) and hang out with my roomie/best friend. We're over the top and seriously inappropriate. But we're good company. I've got myself a sweet boyfriend back on the West Coast, and things are going well in that aspect. Really well.

This year has seen me at my best and my worst, among a string of lung infections and coffee houses and confrontations. But isn't that life? You lose an opportunity because you can't breathe without coughing up blood, but you find out later you would have time for something else--something much less painful.

That is where I will end this post. I'm tired and getting sick and I have to go out into a blizzard in order to find some food. Excellent.

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